A NEKIFUT Regiszter 2014 felhívás eredményei

A NEKIFUT Regiszter 2014 felhívás eredményeként SKI (stratégiai jelentőségű kutatási infrastruktúra) és RKI (regisztrált kutatási infrastruktúra) címet elnyert kutatási infrastruktúrák adatai...

Megjelent a Nemzeti Innovációs Hivatal új kiadványa, Mi a startup? címmel

Füzetünk célja, hogy segítse a startup fogalmának alaposabb megértését, melyet ma már itthon is széles körben használunk, ám még mindig sokaknak okoz problémát a szó jelentése.  Nyolc pontban,...

Research, Development and Innovation in Hungary

The RDI Observatory of National Innovation Office published the booklet of Research, Development and Innovation in Hungary.

RDI Mirror 3: Regional characteristics of RDI in Hungary

Part 3 of the RDI Mirror series deals with the regional differences of RDI activities in Hungary. By analysing Hungary's RDI activity in geographic terms we are attempting to highlight existing regional differences within Hungary's innovation system and potential strictly based on facts, and we hope that stakeholders of the Hungarian RDI sector will find this publication useful for developing a better understanding of the Hungarian situation.

RDI Mirror 2: Women in RDI

This second part of the RDI Mirror series looks at a particular aspect of research and development which has broad social implications, namely the status of women and the equal opportunities of women within RDI.

RDI Mirror 1: Review on the ICT Sector

The first report of the RDI Mirror series has been released under the title of Review in the ICT Sector. The report analyses the ICT sector from the angle of R&D.

Where are the innovative enterprises?

The share of the innovative enterprises is rising in Hungary, however we are still below the average of the EU27. Approximately, one third of the enterprises are innovative. In the manufacturing sector, pharmacy is the most innovative; while in the service sector, the ICT has the first rank.


Hungary and Hungarian creativity have been well known throughout the history of innovation. Hungarian inventors’ products have changed our everyday lives and had a strong impact on the world economy, as well. This heritage is binding in the present and in the future too.

Status Report on Enterprise RDI 2012

The first publication of the S&T Observatory, an organizational unit of the National Innovation Office, provides an overview of the current state of Hungarian research and development and innovation, as well as key correlations and trends in the enterprise sector. In addition to discussing correlations that are important at the level of the national economy, the Observatory also uses case studies to draw attention to typical Hungarian enterprise RTDI phenomena and business paths. These case studies are clearly separated from the main body of the text within the publication.